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Today almost every business has got the social media pages for their business and it takes a lot of work to maintain that platform. At this point the biggest question that strikes is whether you should do this task yourself or shall hire some professionals to do it for you, what are the merits and demerits of outsourcing a digital marketing services. This blog works well to clear the dilemmas if you should hire the social media analysts or do it on your own.

So if you are running a small enterprise, and you lack time to manage all the social media channels yourself, it may be a bit daunting task for you. According to studies it takes around 32 hours in a month to properly handle only one social media platform.

Now the point is should you try it? Or you should hire someone to run your social media channels efficiently? Well the answer is both. The companies having social media communications are the ones that have got the combination of external as well as internal people doing digital marketing.

However to find an exact answer to your query if you should hire one or do it yourself, here are a few things that you need to be concerned about.

  • Decide what exactly you want to Achieve

Most of the businesses open social media accounts just because they see it’s a must have in today’s marketing world. Well, that’s not the right thing to do. Having social presence just for the sake of having it is a mere foolishness. There must be an actual goal that you wish to achieve.

There are majority of startups or the small businesses that do not know what exactly the motive is. They simply have a vague idea of this. And when you question about the purpose of having a social channel, most of the companies will say: we want to drive business while others will say we want to create brand awareness. But there are a lot of other things that they can be doing like research, converting potential leads, thinking over business intelligence, understanding new markets and so on.

However the wise thing is before you establish any new online presence for your business, it is important to make a list of particular goals that you wish that presence should meet.

  • Focus on One Platform First

As we have discussed above, it takes 32 hours in a month to handle a single social media platform, we can see that’s nearly a complete week. And if you are not running a company or totally dedicated to this single part, you cannot think of spending a workweek on a social profile.

A small company should actually choose only one or simply not more than three platforms at a single time to focus on. There are rare chances that you will need channels more than that. And here it is also important to ignore every new thing approaching the digital platform. It can be the major cause of distraction and you may not be able to stand by even a single platform while focusing on so many.

  • Digital Marketing should be In-House

Once you are clear with which social media is good for your business goals, you can easily decide if you should handle them yourself or should hire someone to do it efficiently. If you want to make it easier, simply scroll your eyes across the staff in your premises. Is there anyone who loves to be social and spend half of his or her day on Facebook? Well, if yes you can bring this interest to your advantage.

Plenty of readers in fact the majority would expect to come to the conclusion as outsource, but here I would suggest finding the resource inside the place. People who know about your company’s structure, its ambience and the culture can actually present your brand well. For instance: if you feel there is someone in your place who is really good at taking photographs, or someone who is really best at presenting even normal things exclusively, such people can work exactly well in the direction. You can use those people properly and layout the business goals for them that you wish to achieve.

In addition to this, running social media in-house will personalize your desired message. It has been actually observed that companies that hire or outsource, often end up with a distant customer relationship.

  • Forward some social media to the consultants

In case you are present on various social channels, you would hardly be able to devote time-in house to offer them the attention you actually need. So can you manage it all by yourself? Or can you afford to employ some resources in that task? Most probably No!

Another drawback when we keep it all internal is this that there are maximum chances for the content to go stale as there are specifically one or two people contributing to it. They may be there on other social media channels like Linkedin or Twitter and post there once in a week which is definitely not enough.

Social media accounts ask for regular monitoring. If some consumer or the visitor posts a negative comment on the page, it is required to be responded instantly. A little delay may mislead other readers and potential consumers. You simply cannot have the negative reviews sitting on your business site for long. It can affect your reputation adversely.

Other Major Rules when finding the Assistance:

If you have decided to outsource there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be careful about.

  • Don’t trust someone who says they are well acquainted with the social media and its usage because that person is clearly lying. Social media changes rapidly and no one can know everything about it. Choose someone who is keen to learn new things every day.
  • Properly investigate how a firm performs the social media, because in case they are not doing it well for themselves there are rare chances of doing it for you.
  • Do research about the clients they have worked with and talk to them about their experience specifically in social media.

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