Latest trends of Mobile App Development

Latest Trends of Mobile App Development

With smartphones becoming more affordable and cheaper, its sale has exploded to a great degree. In fact the number of internet users has multiplied to a great extent. With such an increase in its usage, the making of mobile apps in the industry has manifold to an unexpected level. By the end of year 2017 it is expected that there will be more than 14 billion devices on the internet. Since the use of mobile apps is increasing, there is endless crowd moving towards app developing as a career. Now that mobile apps are occupying such a great place in the industry, it has become a major concern to know the current trends of mobile app development industry. Here are a few things related to it that are important for developers to be aware about. This information will keep them updated with the latest trends.

Cross-Platform and Cross Device Development

Apps have no longer remained constrained to the single platforms. While Android rule the business platform in term of sales, IOS remain nowhere behind to rule the high-end market. In fact in the coming times, the mobile applications will no longer remain restricted to the particular platforms. Mobile apps have come up with the hybrid mobile application and working for all the platforms.

Developer Tools

Since the trend of mobile applications has entered almost every business, there has evolved a lot of pressure on launching the applications in the shortest time possible and that too without any error. Even the businesses are curious to land on the application store for effective returns as soon as possible. This has become easy to tackle with the software developer kits and the programming interfaces that help launch your apps in the shortest time possible. With time the number of mobile applications and the availability of software kits have increased and are still increasing abundantly.

IOT Applications

The IOT (Internet of Things) play a great role to have a hold over things with the use of applications. Apple watches, Google glass are just the beginning of these if we come to quote examples for the same. In fact we can see some great devices of IOT applications that speak of technology itself like fridges reading your tweets, self driving cars, and much more. It will not take long to see these things being used in our daily routine.

Location Based Service

Today almost all the everyday activities are carried over by the mobile apps or the technology. Be it calling a plumber or placing order for the groceries, we find a lot more convenient methods to do the stuff. These are such apps that keep a hold over the location and thus offer the best available resource nearby. With more advancement in the technique of developing mobile apps, the developers came up with the idea of developing in location-based apps. Since it was a great idea, its demand increased infinitely and the apps experienced a great downloading rate.

Enterprise Apps

The mobile app development didn’t take long to shift towards the enterprise apps. Since enterprises are perfectly willing to pay for the best, consumers are getting whatever they look for in a mobile application. In fact, enterprises wish to get updates with the current technology and mobile applications also help them do so.

Mobile Security Apps

Since smartphones are becoming such an important part of day to day life, dependence on these apps has increased profusely. We access our bank accounts and other related data in these apps which makes security the biggest asset. Even the enterprises where data privacy comes, mobile security apps have gained a higher space in today’s industry.

With this, mobile application development has become an elementary part of every business. Regardless of the industry you are running if you exist on the web, only then you can think of existing and keeping par with your competitors in the market. It is the latest trends of mobile application development that make application store one of the richest icons on your smartphone.


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