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Top 7 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Top 7 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Responsive design means a response to user experience testing while automatically formatting a website which is based on the device it is viewed on. However, this subject has not remained limited to this testing thing. With increasing searches from mobile phones and current support from Google, optimizers today have become more aware about the benefits of a responsive web design.

The basic element that is encountered while designing a website is, how it should be enhanced by search engines. And to make it possible, it is ensured that a website is created to the search engine’s preferences. Google simply suggests a responsive design when it comes to optimize websites for smartphones which is clearly a cause for SEO’s to jump forward and achieve the expected results.

If we discuss it factually, the reason is very simple. Google favors the responsive design for making their life easier. And the best thing is, it works well when it comes to SEO of the platforms.

Now, are you looking forward to find out how responsive webs designs hold a connection with SEO?

Here are the top seven ways a responsive web design benefits SEO


  • Responsive Website enhances User Experience

If you actually wish to succeed in SEO, there’s a big picture that you need to think about. While Google focuses on sharing information and relevant stuff on a single platform, users wish to find the search queries easily. And this is the point where SEO and User experience both collaborate to acknowledge the advantages of a responsive web design.

To elaborate: If your website is responsive, Google will definitely prefer bringing it up on the SERPs for that feature. As a result, users come across your platform when they search for. Finally finding an easy to navigate website, they like it and become happy users.

  • Faster Page Speed

Page loading time is a great factor which contributes in bringing higher ranks. Even Google says “lesser time it takes to open, more are the chances of coming higher on search engine”. That’s again one of the chief reasons that Google recommends making use of responsive web design.

Page load speed

  • Less Content Duplicity

Duplicate content is actually harmful for your rankings. Though Google’s algorithms are quite intelligent, but still there is a need to direct which content is most essential for your website. And, this works extremely well in the cases when you have a different site for mobile phones. Mobile site and the desktop site both will have different URLs while the content will be same. Under such situation if you fail to direct Google about the most important content or ensure which content needs to be indexed, there are chances that Google will take some action on its behalf.

  • One Website and One URL

It definitely depends on the purpose of a website to decide if another mobile version of it is required. But, having two optimization campaigns may include even more efforts.

Here it is important to be clear with the fact that Google recognize sites as per their development. In detail: Google sites designed particularly for mobile or desktop appear in search engine depending on the device you are searching from. This means search for desktop responsive site from mobile phone won’t work well as it will do in desktop SERPs. As per this, designing a mobile version for a pre-optimized site necessitate starting SEO method right from the beginning.

  • Decrease Bounce Rate

High bounce rate can adversely affect the search engine rankings. Though it can be for various reasons but irresponsive website is the chief of all. In case a user leaves the website in a short time, Google take it as a sign that the platform lacks relevant content. The reason behind is very clear. Google looks for the websites that offer its users answers to the required questions, and if yours has a high bounce rate, there are rare chances for it to be on the top of search engine pages.

At this point, responsive web design works well while presenting content in the most functional manner. So, the users stick to your page for long which automatically decreases bounce rate and bring it up in search engine results.

  • Enhanced Social Sharing

Responsive web design helps in efficient social sharing for the competitive online mobile users. Although social sharing does not impact on rankings directly, it contribute to fetch traffic to your platform. Bigger the audience more is the engagement. That means there can be more search demand for brand bringing it to the notice of Google.

Sharing Social Media

  • Mobile Search Rankings

It is said that mobile version sites rank higher when looked in mobile search results. But because Google offer the same practices for mobile optimization, responsive web design will work as high as mobile websites.

As per today’s trends mobile searches have increased exponentially. In fact 90% of Google searches are made using mobile phones which is a very high percentage. So, it is good to have a responsive and strategic mobile website which pleases the Google search engine.

Web Developer Brooklyn

Tips to Choose your Ideal Web Developer

Today every industry: be it small or a big scale business, seeks to be there on internet. And for that, the basic requirement is an ideal business website. Now with such a great rush of developers in the market, it is certainly a daunting task to choose the one who performs the way it is required.

Entrepreneurs share a lot of experiences about getting ripped off by the earlier webmasters which makes them skeptical about all present in the market. However, you need not be! This blog is a guide to assist you in making the right choice.

  • Be Clear with your Own Goals

The foremost thing one needs to know is what kind of help you need. When you know a clear answer to this question, it becomes easier for you to find a web master who can assist exactly the way you want. There are too many who complain afterwards for making a wrong choice, which can be really costly. So it is important to know what exactly you want your developer to do for you.

With this it is essential that you understand the types of developers:

  • The WordPress Assistants

The WordPress assistants have specifically figured out WordPress in the best way possible. They are well aware about the ways to install a wordpress theme and make modifications to it which help match the brand colors and so. These experts have a better knowledge of the plugins and other specifics to fit well to your needs. Hiring such web developers is a pocket friendly affair as it costs less per hour if compared to a completely qualified web developer. Such developers are good at making up small sized websites perfectly. But here comes a drawback as well that except WordPress they are hardly aware of anything else like HTML or CSS which may be required for site customization or other modifications.

Wordpress Assitant

The purchased themes or already set themes are often very rigid. With them it becomes really difficult to even move a single element from one place to another part of the page. And with such little knowledge, this is something really hard to do.

So, it is a wise decision to hire a WordPress web developer when you are no longer interested to have a completely customized and branded website. Or this choice can also prove to be wise if you yourself know the art of customizing or making changes in the website. It will let you help your VA or guide him atleast to design the way you want it.

  • The Programmer

After WordPress developers, we have the programmers. These people can also be called Techno Geeks. They are perfect in programming as they know all the ins and outs of this subject. But there’s one thing that you cannot expect of these people to do for you. They will certainly make your website highly functional, but if you expect it to look pretty, then that’s not something a programmer can do. Designing, copywriting or branding is not the part of their skillsets. At this point, you would have to find someone else who can do this job for you.


It is perfect to hire a programmer when you need to get a complex website designed, fitting best to your needs.

  • A Complete Developer

These are people who are knowledgeable about almost everything prevailing under their niche. They are called generalists. Whether it is about programming, designing or setting plugins, an all round developer does everything related to development to make it a best experience for the user. Factually it is always an additional advantage to have someone with all the skill sets, making your development a great job. But here one needs to be clear with one thing. Even though these generalists are good at programming and branding or designing as well, but still need to be aware and cross check very clearly, because finding a perfect combination of both a skilled designer and a developer is a rare thing.

If you are fortunate to have someone who is good at both and reliable too, then you can make this choice.

  • Web Development Agency

Then there are a lot of web development agencies, having all the experienced people at one place. They have web developers, designers, digital marketers and related professionalists who are liable to make your website look appealing, functional as well as reachable.

Web development is definitely not a one man’s feat. It needs a team of professionals who can offer different areas of expertise that your business needs from the view point of marketing.

These areas include:

  1. Website layout and designing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Branding
  4. Online marketing and Lead Generation
  5. SEO
  6. Audio/video editing

Another chief advantage of shaking hands with the web development agency is that they are knowledgeable about your brand, its positioning and about the message that you literally wish to convey to your people.

With all the requirements you will pass, they have better options to suggest which makes you knowledgeable and choose the right thing.

This is however the best choice to make, but your budget may be a limitation in this regard. So look for the referrals and confirm if that specific company exactly delivers what it promises.

It is wise to choose a web development company as a whole if you are heading on a new venture and wish to make it a pleasing experience. Doing so will assure that your online ambitions are on the right path. This will also save your money and time both in the long run.

In case you already have some business existing there on web, this is the right time to bring an agency into execution and let them do the professional strategizing for you. Once you are done with building your website, you may need a team who can work on its SEO, marketing part while making campaigns and other updates.

To conclude: It is suggested that you do a complete research before approaching the web developer for your business. This will not only help you partner with a right developer but will also let you have the best experience for your business website.