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Instagram for Business – Make it Engaging with Effective Tips

In past few years, Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the leading social media channels for advertising. Today many huge brands use instagram to fetch the attention of customers, build up a brand name, launch new products and finally bring conversions. However, all this happens if you have an engaging instagram profile. This blog reveals the top five effective tips that help make your instagram engaging and fetch results from there.

  • Use Quality Images:

Instagram is all about images and photos. Try managing the highest quality images for your profile. This platform sells on the basis of images only. So, using high quality images portray your company as a quality business, which insist people make purchases from you. With such quality, they feel that products and the images that you are posting are worth their time and money.

Now high quality does not mean you need to hire some professional photographer to do the task for you. You can use shutterstock’s extensive library for professional touch. With this, it is also important to be choosy with the images you are posting. If you have loads of quality images, it does not mean you will post all of them.

  • Let the Text remain Minimum

There are so many advertisers who load the advert with text. Do not make this mistake. Instagram is a visual platform and users come here to see rich and the engaging imagery. Hence offer them what they expect from your business. Text works but only short and to the point stuff. 3-7 words are ideal to describe your post. You can leave the text, promotional details and hastags for your caption to come to notice. The more the hashtags more you will be there in people’s search. If you really want your users to quit swiping and stop at your post, all you need is to the point content with a quality image.

  • Use Shutterstock Custom for Instagram Posts

The trickiest job with instagram posts is finding the right image. In case you are literally committed to finding the perfect image for Instagram, it is not a bad idea to join the brand like Nestle, Unilever, Loreal and more while taking benefit of the shutterstock custom service.

There are a lot of shutterstock custom that define your objectives using the brand guidelines, moodboards and the campaign ideas. While leveraging the shutterstock’s experience in the field it is not a big deal to have the professional quality images, which are unique to your brand and business.

Shutterstock custom can further offer you the content that you need, starting from the series of illustrations to the attention fetching images.

  • Reveal a Story

Nothing can be more powerful than a brand story. Instagram offers you the adverts option, a series of images so that you can reveal entire stories in a better way.

These stories must be engaging and shall be worth investing time on. Instagram stories feature offer short intervals of uploads, hence remain to the point and give your best in the seconds of video.

You can create proper stories. For instance: You are selling an exercising machine, you could set up a campaign that starts with a glance of machinery, advancing further with the features and usage of that exercising machine.

  • Make Use of Sound and Video

Users today get attracted to motion. While majority of the posts on Instagram remain the images, a video with the best quality can be really captivating. Instagram videos can be maximum 1 minute long. If you are really good at making these videos, a few seconds of motion is enough to deliver the brand’s key selling points.

Here it is important to note that uploading a video may demand more investment as compared to the image post, but that’s worth it. This little investment pays off even bigger. Audio and sound in your video add an aura to your advertisement. You can have these sounds from Shutterstock’s music liabrary or Shutterstock’s premium beat.

With millions of active users on Instagram, it has become really easy to develop your brand in Instagram. This is in-fact one of the smartest ways to have all the content that help bring conversions. Though this is such a prominent platform to get leads from, but every business has not been successful so far. Reason being: It needs a professional strategy. Hence use these five engaging tips and let your instagram business profile fetch most of the business.