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How to Generate Traffic

How to Generate Free Traffic in Digital Marketing?

Be it content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing or the email marketing, the chief purpose of each digital marketing strategy is to generate high traffic and multiply the conversion rate. Generating traffic often requires great financial investment and there are complete chances that it will make a great hole in your pocket. Since established businesses have a great budget dedicated to the traffic generation it can depend on the paid mediums, small sized businesses and many entrepreneurs for higher traffic generation. Here in this blog post, I am discussing the most efficient methods of generating traffic to your web platform. Give these thoughts some attention and include them in your marketing strategy to see how traffic flows on your website in a few weeks.

  • Keep posting on SlideShare

Slideshare is one of the web platforms where you can see a lot of traffic involved in presenting the business information. This should not be overlooked as you can have the opportunity to get most of the traffic to your website and that too for free. There are a lot of ways for you to simply target your niche audience via slideshare. You can simply insert your homepage URL on the slide; promote your slideshare PPTs on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. So share with the email list of subscribers and enable the users to share the presentations for generating the most of traffic. While doing this make sure that your presentation is fascinating, appealing, informative, perfectly designed and most importantly it has the relevant keywords to rank better in the web pages.

  • Start with the Guest Blogging

It was the end of 2015 when guest blogging was thought to be approaching at an end. But because of very useful content published for linking, it gained the momentum the very next year. If you write compelling blogs for a high ranking website on your niche, this would not only boost the ranking but will also introduce your content to a completely new audience and will create steady flow traffic to your web platform for free. You can know the high ranking sites or influencers of the industry to connect with them on different social network sites. So find the right time and pitch your blog at the right platform. Ensure that the content is not only equal to the existing content but is in fact better than it. Then getting started with the guest blogging is obviously a way to invite more traffic to your web platform.

  • Start Commenting on Different Posts

The commenting on different blogs is also a great way to engage and interact with your niche audience. You just need to find the websites that are relevant to your business and post blogs are related to your content. When you share insightful thoughts in the comment section, you are able to do free online advertisement and redirect the user of that web platform to yours within no time. Here relevance and quality is the chief key to get traffic to your website through commenting on industrial sites.

  • Analyze the Content Marketing Results

An efficient content marketing strategy needs constant measuring and analyzation to be sure about the success of your efforts. In content marketing what actually gets measured comes to notice. So you simply need to measure your success to stay sure about your efforts and target the right audience. There are a lot of free tools like Google Analytics which can help you in this complete venture. So it is important that you check it every now and then so as to understand the user behavior and know what type of content is actually working on them. When you update the existing content and post more of the engaging one, growing traffic on your platform becomes easy.

  • Talk on Q&A sites

The top Q&A sites like quora and more can contribute a great degree in boosting your incoming traffic. With millions of unique visits in a month, you can target your audience easily while sharing useful insights on the platform. Make it a point that answers you post here are informative and relate to the question asked. This can be made even useful while attaching a back link to your Quora bio for your website. This can literally wear in the direction that serves your business purpose completely. A rich informational Quora feed with the related keywords is actually a great way to get the high ranking and bring a steady traffic to the platform for months and years.


Eventually all this comes down to finding where your potential users hang out and give them the reasons to visit your web platform. Understanding the user behavior and designing a buyer persona are the initial steps towards generating the free traffic to your web platform. You can know your audience and can create content which will force them to visit again and again. So the tips discussed above are actually a great way to understand where your potential user can be targeted to fetch the traffic to your website.


Social Media

Social Media – Outsource or Do it yourself | Digital Marketing Services

Today almost every business has got the social media pages for their business and it takes a lot of work to maintain that platform. At this point the biggest question that strikes is whether you should do this task yourself or shall hire some professionals to do it for you, what are the merits and demerits of outsourcing a digital marketing services. This blog works well to clear the dilemmas if you should hire the social media analysts or do it on your own.

So if you are running a small enterprise, and you lack time to manage all the social media channels yourself, it may be a bit daunting task for you. According to studies it takes around 32 hours in a month to properly handle only one social media platform.

Now the point is should you try it? Or you should hire someone to run your social media channels efficiently? Well the answer is both. The companies having social media communications are the ones that have got the combination of external as well as internal people doing digital marketing.

However to find an exact answer to your query if you should hire one or do it yourself, here are a few things that you need to be concerned about.

  • Decide what exactly you want to Achieve

Most of the businesses open social media accounts just because they see it’s a must have in today’s marketing world. Well, that’s not the right thing to do. Having social presence just for the sake of having it is a mere foolishness. There must be an actual goal that you wish to achieve.

There are majority of startups or the small businesses that do not know what exactly the motive is. They simply have a vague idea of this. And when you question about the purpose of having a social channel, most of the companies will say: we want to drive business while others will say we want to create brand awareness. But there are a lot of other things that they can be doing like research, converting potential leads, thinking over business intelligence, understanding new markets and so on.

However the wise thing is before you establish any new online presence for your business, it is important to make a list of particular goals that you wish that presence should meet.

  • Focus on One Platform First

As we have discussed above, it takes 32 hours in a month to handle a single social media platform, we can see that’s nearly a complete week. And if you are not running a company or totally dedicated to this single part, you cannot think of spending a workweek on a social profile.

A small company should actually choose only one or simply not more than three platforms at a single time to focus on. There are rare chances that you will need channels more than that. And here it is also important to ignore every new thing approaching the digital platform. It can be the major cause of distraction and you may not be able to stand by even a single platform while focusing on so many.

  • Digital Marketing should be In-House

Once you are clear with which social media is good for your business goals, you can easily decide if you should handle them yourself or should hire someone to do it efficiently. If you want to make it easier, simply scroll your eyes across the staff in your premises. Is there anyone who loves to be social and spend half of his or her day on Facebook? Well, if yes you can bring this interest to your advantage.

Plenty of readers in fact the majority would expect to come to the conclusion as outsource, but here I would suggest finding the resource inside the place. People who know about your company’s structure, its ambience and the culture can actually present your brand well. For instance: if you feel there is someone in your place who is really good at taking photographs, or someone who is really best at presenting even normal things exclusively, such people can work exactly well in the direction. You can use those people properly and layout the business goals for them that you wish to achieve.

In addition to this, running social media in-house will personalize your desired message. It has been actually observed that companies that hire or outsource, often end up with a distant customer relationship.

  • Forward some social media to the consultants

In case you are present on various social channels, you would hardly be able to devote time-in house to offer them the attention you actually need. So can you manage it all by yourself? Or can you afford to employ some resources in that task? Most probably No!

Another drawback when we keep it all internal is this that there are maximum chances for the content to go stale as there are specifically one or two people contributing to it. They may be there on other social media channels like Linkedin or Twitter and post there once in a week which is definitely not enough.

Social media accounts ask for regular monitoring. If some consumer or the visitor posts a negative comment on the page, it is required to be responded instantly. A little delay may mislead other readers and potential consumers. You simply cannot have the negative reviews sitting on your business site for long. It can affect your reputation adversely.

Other Major Rules when finding the Assistance:

If you have decided to outsource there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to be careful about.

  • Don’t trust someone who says they are well acquainted with the social media and its usage because that person is clearly lying. Social media changes rapidly and no one can know everything about it. Choose someone who is keen to learn new things every day.
  • Properly investigate how a firm performs the social media, because in case they are not doing it well for themselves there are rare chances of doing it for you.
  • Do research about the clients they have worked with and talk to them about their experience specifically in social media.

So if you are looking for digital marketing services in Lakewood, visit this web platform. We have got the experts who efficiently perform the task for you and treat your business as ours.

Market Proficiently with Brand Ambassadors

How Brand Ambassadors prove to be your Best Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that another year is here, it’s the right time to start working on the digital marketing strategies. In that case brand ambassadors should be the top most priority as it helps in boosting your brand visibility while multiplying sales.

When a lot of companies are winding down the whole year’s records, at the same time they are on the corner to start working with the business strategies. In fact it is the perfect time to start implementing and try the new tactics that have been on the track for some time.

While sales and business strategies are commonly a big priority, your company would be analyzing and working on the marketing plans. A lot that worked this year will be carried on, but the fresh start also offers your company to take business to the next level.

One of the valuable features of marketing is this that it helps develop the brand. In fact based on the size of your company there can be even particular department devoted to branding and advertisement. Apart from a single focus of your company’s marketing strategy should be advancing and assuring that they are involved in the social interactions continuously.

Here we’ll talk about the brand ambassadors and how this feature plays a great role in the digital marketing strategy.

What does Brand Ambassador mean?

Ideally brand ambassador means someone who advertises a brand to the people in their network to boost revenue and the brand awareness. Since influencer marketing is still famous, brand ambassadors can also be the consumers and can be important as employees.

Why need to focus on Employees and Brand Ambassadors

When you have got a great brand, product and work ambience, people are very much excited to advertise your company organically and get involved into it. While it is also important to reach out to these people and get them involved, they will be experienced to do it on their own, which means you can transfer your focus on the employees.

Here are a few ways that get your employees involved and enable them to be the brand ambassadors in order to market your efforts and enhance the returns over investment.

  • Increase Leads and their Quality

This is a tested fact that employee’s social followers are more likely to alter your company content than any other types of leads are. For most of the businesses, multiplying the number of leads is one of the highest initiatives which are just next to the growing revenue. With a group of employee ambassadors getting involved with their networks, your brand is likely to hit a large number of audiences.

Another important thing is this that if you’re content has got the quality, the quantity hardly matters, and that is obviously not going to bring new sales. Now because you have customers supporting your brand, the people who are getting involved with them already know about your organization and they also know why they would need the product and the services. In the same way, people value the employees who are sharing and getting engaged with the brand they are actually working for. Your company looks even more trusted and respected when this comes from different departments and the levels.

  • Enlarge the Social Reach

The foremost advantage is, it helps to boost the social reach of your company. As per studies it showed that more than 84 percent of people trust the suggestions from families, friends and colleagues over other structures of marketing.

While you still have an approach with the branded accounts and advertising, your customer’s and employee’s voice may resonate with their social networks.

So just imagine your company has got a good number of employees, all of them who are supporting your company, posting jobs and sharing content. Together with marketers, other employees from different customers and departments prove to be an organic market extension.

  • Decreases Paid Advertising Expenses

When establishing brand ambassadors can be really organic, you perhaps will invest in some type of brand, employee or customer advocacy tool. This is basically a good idea, as it makes the entire things easier and more accessible. In addition to this, brand ambassadors help you get more involved in the advertising of your company. While you may have to pay for a single platform, it costs you a bit less than paid advertising. This type of platform is sure to bring out more ROI than traditional Pay Per Click advertising method.

When you spend on advertising as in Google Adwords, you are competing and paying for the keywords for which the cost keeps on rising as keywords continue to rise. You are regularly struggling for space with the competitors. In fact you are advertising to people who search for particular terms who most of the times are on clicking your ads, which means they have never heard of your brand earlier.

It can be really challenging to convince people for purchasing your product based on the Google ad. Brand ambassadors advertise more trust and have a very great reach to different perspectives.

But here this does not mean that you will boycott the traditional advertising outlets. What it actually does is, it offers you to focus less on it and save a huge amount on the advertising budget. I actually see paid advertising as a complement more than reaching your brand ambassadors.


With the above mentioned reasons it is very clear how developing brand ambassadors and bringing them in execution in the digital marketing strategy can be a great advantage. Social media is just growing strongly, and the people who actually work for while valuing your company are the ones driving the essential conversations online.

E-Commerce Business Help To Boost your Online Business

How E-Commerce Business Help To Boost your Online Business

E-Commerce popularly known as electronic commerce is mainly dependent on web and various technologies. This is such a solution that offers the most comprehensive and customized e-commerce solutions to match well with your business objectives and values.

Since the count of online buyers is multiplying by leaps and bounds, it is important for every business to have web presence and stay available for their prospects each second. Custom E-Commerce solution makes use of every single thing which is needed to boost up your online business. Starting from product catalog, shopping carts to complete customization of the search fields for the online store, it proves to be an appropriate solution for the businesses trending on web. With so much convenience offered by these online stores like Flipkart, Jabong and Amazon, there is no need to step in stores physically and waste your time. And if it’s the risk that strikes your mind, that too is no longer an issue! Every online store has its return policies, go through it, read the reviews and leave yours if any. In case you do not like anything or you find some defects, the product can be returned as per policy.

Now that online stores have so much importance together with the convenience, it is important to know how custom E-Commerce solutions can help boost your business on web.

How Custom E-Commerce Business offer Growth

Social Media and Web Contacts help Analyze the Demographic Data

The analytics feature in custom eCommerce solution help attract the right customers. Many times when an online store does not experience enough sales and profits, there is a need to target the communication which is relevant to your business and interest your consumers.

Help Customize your Shopping practice

Customized E-Commerce solution offer user-friendly tools to its customers that help make the shopping practice easier. Rather than exploring the entire online space, you can directly switch to your corner. This helps you find the right thing with search tools. In fact this E-Commerce solution help make the comparisons, find the right product with proper features and price, suiting best to your pocket. So, one can easily set the filters to make online shopping an easy and time saving experience.

Elaborate your Global Reach

With multiplied sales and visibility, one can reach the target audience across entire globe. In fact there remains no access limit to reach your consumers and offer whatever you have in your online shopping store.

You Serve your Consumers 24*7

The best thing about online stores is that there is no defined time to open or close your store for consumers. It is on run 24*7. Regardless of the time of day, you keep getting traffic, orders, the transactions occur and in simple language, the online store runs all day and night. This literally increases your sales and profits, especially during peak seasons.

Multiply the Marketing

With a wonderful presence online, you can ask your potential consumers to pay a visit. And this happens with marketing tactics associated with it. There are a lot many marketing systems like email marketing, SMS alerts, etc. that make your consumers feel special and also keep them aware about offers and the new arrivals in your online store.

Maximize your Profits

If compared with the physical stores, E-Commerce portals make a great space in the industry. An E-commerce store runs on web which means there is no requirement to invest in space or pay rent for. In addition to that, the automation process built on E-Commerce portals need no physical labor or the manpower. Hence, with such a little investment whatever money you get from there is all yours. These lowered costs thus help maximize your profits and make the most out of little investment.

Percept through a Customer’s Eye

Regardless of the trade you are into, your business succeeds only if you see it from the customer’s point of view. Offer all those facilities on your online store that you wish to get being a customer. It includes site friendliness, technical analyzation, and stock on your portal, customer demand, and ease of fund transactions, offers, product reliability, adept delivery services and a lot more.

Adding on a Video Play Button

Having a product video on your E-Commerce site is a major hit. This button help your users see the product videos and analyze them properly before making a final purchase which ultimately maximizes your conversion rates while increasing profits.

Eventually, when you have an exclusive site design, marketing concepts and style, your web platform attract eyes and appeal your customers in a better way. And, in addition to this when you have a completely dedicated E-Commerce platform on which your business can rely, that works as a cherry on the top.

instagram business

Instagram for Business – Make it Engaging with Effective Tips

In past few years, Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the leading social media channels for advertising. Today many huge brands use instagram to fetch the attention of customers, build up a brand name, launch new products and finally bring conversions. However, all this happens if you have an engaging instagram profile. This blog reveals the top five effective tips that help make your instagram engaging and fetch results from there.

  • Use Quality Images:

Instagram is all about images and photos. Try managing the highest quality images for your profile. This platform sells on the basis of images only. So, using high quality images portray your company as a quality business, which insist people make purchases from you. With such quality, they feel that products and the images that you are posting are worth their time and money.

Now high quality does not mean you need to hire some professional photographer to do the task for you. You can use shutterstock’s extensive library for professional touch. With this, it is also important to be choosy with the images you are posting. If you have loads of quality images, it does not mean you will post all of them.

  • Let the Text remain Minimum

There are so many advertisers who load the advert with text. Do not make this mistake. Instagram is a visual platform and users come here to see rich and the engaging imagery. Hence offer them what they expect from your business. Text works but only short and to the point stuff. 3-7 words are ideal to describe your post. You can leave the text, promotional details and hastags for your caption to come to notice. The more the hashtags more you will be there in people’s search. If you really want your users to quit swiping and stop at your post, all you need is to the point content with a quality image.

  • Use Shutterstock Custom for Instagram Posts

The trickiest job with instagram posts is finding the right image. In case you are literally committed to finding the perfect image for Instagram, it is not a bad idea to join the brand like Nestle, Unilever, Loreal and more while taking benefit of the shutterstock custom service.

There are a lot of shutterstock custom that define your objectives using the brand guidelines, moodboards and the campaign ideas. While leveraging the shutterstock’s experience in the field it is not a big deal to have the professional quality images, which are unique to your brand and business.

Shutterstock custom can further offer you the content that you need, starting from the series of illustrations to the attention fetching images.

  • Reveal a Story

Nothing can be more powerful than a brand story. Instagram offers you the adverts option, a series of images so that you can reveal entire stories in a better way.

These stories must be engaging and shall be worth investing time on. Instagram stories feature offer short intervals of uploads, hence remain to the point and give your best in the seconds of video.

You can create proper stories. For instance: You are selling an exercising machine, you could set up a campaign that starts with a glance of machinery, advancing further with the features and usage of that exercising machine.

  • Make Use of Sound and Video

Users today get attracted to motion. While majority of the posts on Instagram remain the images, a video with the best quality can be really captivating. Instagram videos can be maximum 1 minute long. If you are really good at making these videos, a few seconds of motion is enough to deliver the brand’s key selling points.

Here it is important to note that uploading a video may demand more investment as compared to the image post, but that’s worth it. This little investment pays off even bigger. Audio and sound in your video add an aura to your advertisement. You can have these sounds from Shutterstock’s music liabrary or Shutterstock’s premium beat.

With millions of active users on Instagram, it has become really easy to develop your brand in Instagram. This is in-fact one of the smartest ways to have all the content that help bring conversions. Though this is such a prominent platform to get leads from, but every business has not been successful so far. Reason being: It needs a professional strategy. Hence use these five engaging tips and let your instagram business profile fetch most of the business.

Digital Marketing is important to Grow E-Business

Why Digital Marketing is important to Grow E-Business in 2017

With the prevalence of digital marketing and acceptance of modern technologies, businesses are doing almost everything to keep pace with the competitors. Whether it is about amplifying the digital techniques to the already existing business or changing marketing strategy into the digital one, there is no industry that denies bringing this change. With such a change and acceptance of modern technology for business, the first question that strikes is why digital marketing is so important?

This blog is all about the importance of Digital marketing and its influence on business industry today.

Why is Digital marketing Important for your Business?

Since digital marketing is quickly advancing in the world of marketing, this can be considered the eventual stage of marketing. Since it is gaining so much importance, it will take no time to surpass all the traditional marketing maneuvers.

There is a need to integrate the digital marketing strategy in your business module in order to be an active part of lucrative online market place.

Since all the competing agencies and the industries are using these digital marketing techniques, it is important for you to not lack behind and give them a tight competition.

Now pay a glance towards the statistics revealing, why this form of marketing is so important.

Around 72% of the marketers hold this belief that traditional marketing is no longer adequate and by the end of 2017, this is going to take away all the advertising game in its hands.

More than 34% of businesses already tied up and integrated digital marketing plan by the end of 2016.

As per researches and studies more than 80% of business will multiply the expenses over digital marketing plan and strategies which may definitely cross the IT budget.

Top Reasons why Digital Marketing can Help Grow your Business:


  • Cost Effectiveness:

One of the prime reasons that digital marketing wins over the traditional advertising is, its cost effectiveness. Small businesses often lack resources and capitalization. There comes in picture digital marketing. This form of advertising let the businesses, invest less and promote more. As per studies, this form of marketing has helped people claim considerable savings by making use of this mode of advertisement.

  • It Delivers Conversion

Success of any business promotion is measured by the conversions you get. Digital marketing is one such form of advertising that helps covert traffic into potential leads, subscribers, sales, supporters and so on. If no conversion occurs as a whole, the entire activity goes in vain. This is the reason that businesses target on converting leads and increasing the number of followers.

Digital marketing has advanced to such a stage that one can use various tools for digital advertising and offer customization.

There are various digital marketing techniques like Social media optimization, search engine optimization and email marketing, helping to fetch the required results.

Since people do not bother sitting in front of the television and wait for the specific news to come, internet is the place they switch to. Businesses in simple words target where the audience is present. More the audience more is the conversion.

  • Helps Generate Better Revenues

Together with better conversion rates created by successful digital marketing techniques, this advertising method also ensure that great revenues are fetched.

  • Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences

Most of the conversions in business occur when people get to interact directly with the businesses. And digital marketing offer such a blessing. It is very easy to communicate to people across the globe through digital marketing. And when such a thing happens, the conversion rate increases to the infinity. In fact one gets the organic traffic from these platforms.

Hence there is no doubt in stating that traditional marketing has completely been taken away by the digital marketing. And in the coming year or so, these traditional advertising methods are going to vanish completely. So, be the part of change and let your business spruce before your competitors take your place.