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Digital Marketing is important to Grow E-Business

Why Digital Marketing is important to Grow E-Business in 2017

With the prevalence of digital marketing and acceptance of modern technologies, businesses are doing almost everything to keep pace with the competitors. Whether it is about amplifying the digital techniques to the already existing business or changing marketing strategy into the digital one, there is no industry that denies bringing this change. With such a change and acceptance of modern technology for business, the first question that strikes is why digital marketing is so important?

This blog is all about the importance of Digital marketing and its influence on business industry today.

Why is Digital marketing Important for your Business?

Since digital marketing is quickly advancing in the world of marketing, this can be considered the eventual stage of marketing. Since it is gaining so much importance, it will take no time to surpass all the traditional marketing maneuvers.

There is a need to integrate the digital marketing strategy in your business module in order to be an active part of lucrative online market place.

Since all the competing agencies and the industries are using these digital marketing techniques, it is important for you to not lack behind and give them a tight competition.

Now pay a glance towards the statistics revealing, why this form of marketing is so important.

Around 72% of the marketers hold this belief that traditional marketing is no longer adequate and by the end of 2017, this is going to take away all the advertising game in its hands.

More than 34% of businesses already tied up and integrated digital marketing plan by the end of 2016.

As per researches and studies more than 80% of business will multiply the expenses over digital marketing plan and strategies which may definitely cross the IT budget.

Top Reasons why Digital Marketing can Help Grow your Business:


  • Cost Effectiveness:

One of the prime reasons that digital marketing wins over the traditional advertising is, its cost effectiveness. Small businesses often lack resources and capitalization. There comes in picture digital marketing. This form of advertising let the businesses, invest less and promote more. As per studies, this form of marketing has helped people claim considerable savings by making use of this mode of advertisement.

  • It Delivers Conversion

Success of any business promotion is measured by the conversions you get. Digital marketing is one such form of advertising that helps covert traffic into potential leads, subscribers, sales, supporters and so on. If no conversion occurs as a whole, the entire activity goes in vain. This is the reason that businesses target on converting leads and increasing the number of followers.

Digital marketing has advanced to such a stage that one can use various tools for digital advertising and offer customization.

There are various digital marketing techniques like Social media optimization, search engine optimization and email marketing, helping to fetch the required results.

Since people do not bother sitting in front of the television and wait for the specific news to come, internet is the place they switch to. Businesses in simple words target where the audience is present. More the audience more is the conversion.

  • Helps Generate Better Revenues

Together with better conversion rates created by successful digital marketing techniques, this advertising method also ensure that great revenues are fetched.

  • Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences

Most of the conversions in business occur when people get to interact directly with the businesses. And digital marketing offer such a blessing. It is very easy to communicate to people across the globe through digital marketing. And when such a thing happens, the conversion rate increases to the infinity. In fact one gets the organic traffic from these platforms.

Hence there is no doubt in stating that traditional marketing has completely been taken away by the digital marketing. And in the coming year or so, these traditional advertising methods are going to vanish completely. So, be the part of change and let your business spruce before your competitors take your place.

Top 7 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Top 7 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

Responsive design means a response to user experience testing while automatically formatting a website which is based on the device it is viewed on. However, this subject has not remained limited to this testing thing. With increasing searches from mobile phones and current support from Google, optimizers today have become more aware about the benefits of a responsive web design.

The basic element that is encountered while designing a website is, how it should be enhanced by search engines. And to make it possible, it is ensured that a website is created to the search engine’s preferences. Google simply suggests a responsive design when it comes to optimize websites for smartphones which is clearly a cause for SEO’s to jump forward and achieve the expected results.

If we discuss it factually, the reason is very simple. Google favors the responsive design for making their life easier. And the best thing is, it works well when it comes to SEO of the platforms.

Now, are you looking forward to find out how responsive webs designs hold a connection with SEO?

Here are the top seven ways a responsive web design benefits SEO


  • Responsive Website enhances User Experience

If you actually wish to succeed in SEO, there’s a big picture that you need to think about. While Google focuses on sharing information and relevant stuff on a single platform, users wish to find the search queries easily. And this is the point where SEO and User experience both collaborate to acknowledge the advantages of a responsive web design.

To elaborate: If your website is responsive, Google will definitely prefer bringing it up on the SERPs for that feature. As a result, users come across your platform when they search for. Finally finding an easy to navigate website, they like it and become happy users.

  • Faster Page Speed

Page loading time is a great factor which contributes in bringing higher ranks. Even Google says “lesser time it takes to open, more are the chances of coming higher on search engine”. That’s again one of the chief reasons that Google recommends making use of responsive web design.

Page load speed

  • Less Content Duplicity

Duplicate content is actually harmful for your rankings. Though Google’s algorithms are quite intelligent, but still there is a need to direct which content is most essential for your website. And, this works extremely well in the cases when you have a different site for mobile phones. Mobile site and the desktop site both will have different URLs while the content will be same. Under such situation if you fail to direct Google about the most important content or ensure which content needs to be indexed, there are chances that Google will take some action on its behalf.

  • One Website and One URL

It definitely depends on the purpose of a website to decide if another mobile version of it is required. But, having two optimization campaigns may include even more efforts.

Here it is important to be clear with the fact that Google recognize sites as per their development. In detail: Google sites designed particularly for mobile or desktop appear in search engine depending on the device you are searching from. This means search for desktop responsive site from mobile phone won’t work well as it will do in desktop SERPs. As per this, designing a mobile version for a pre-optimized site necessitate starting SEO method right from the beginning.

  • Decrease Bounce Rate

High bounce rate can adversely affect the search engine rankings. Though it can be for various reasons but irresponsive website is the chief of all. In case a user leaves the website in a short time, Google take it as a sign that the platform lacks relevant content. The reason behind is very clear. Google looks for the websites that offer its users answers to the required questions, and if yours has a high bounce rate, there are rare chances for it to be on the top of search engine pages.

At this point, responsive web design works well while presenting content in the most functional manner. So, the users stick to your page for long which automatically decreases bounce rate and bring it up in search engine results.

  • Enhanced Social Sharing

Responsive web design helps in efficient social sharing for the competitive online mobile users. Although social sharing does not impact on rankings directly, it contribute to fetch traffic to your platform. Bigger the audience more is the engagement. That means there can be more search demand for brand bringing it to the notice of Google.

Sharing Social Media

  • Mobile Search Rankings

It is said that mobile version sites rank higher when looked in mobile search results. But because Google offer the same practices for mobile optimization, responsive web design will work as high as mobile websites.

As per today’s trends mobile searches have increased exponentially. In fact 90% of Google searches are made using mobile phones which is a very high percentage. So, it is good to have a responsive and strategic mobile website which pleases the Google search engine.

Web Design Company Lakewood

How to design Landing page that boost the conversion ?

Let’s start with a very simple question. What’s the first thing that strikes when you stumble upon a horrible website? Well, majority will skip spending time on a website having gaudy design and tacky UX.

A landing page or website is one of the highly visual mediums and perfecting the design is a crucial thing. Even if your site has the most beautifully written or the compelling copy, no visitor would bother going through, if the page fails to retain attention. The landing page or simply your website is the visual version of your brand. And if you really wish to communicate the right thing for the potential conversions, you need to design it right.

Fortunately, landing pages have got the manipulating Power. And if your conversion rate leaves a lot to be desired, you can definitely fix the problem. All you need to do is follow the expert advice on design tactics from Capital Web Solutions, Web Development Company based in Lakewood and various other parts of USA.

  • Streamline your Design

To maintain the attention of visitors, flow is very important. Same goes with the website design. The entire website should flow from one page to another. And when your goal is to convert the visitors into consumers, you definitely need to make it easy for your people to do it.

With so many choices available, there is a tough competition for the business entrepreneurs to uphold the attention of visitors. And factual statements say, the more is the number of choices available, the longer it takes for the visitor to process. And under this condition, your website design should be so compelling that a visitor should not take much time in choosing yours.

  • Lesser the Choices, Higher the Conversions

Make sure that your website does not have a plenty of fields to fill. Just stick to the email addresses and names if possible. Because the more information you will ask for, more are the chances for visitors to skip.

  • Easy to Read Content on Website

No visitor bothers reading text thoroughly. Rather than reading word for word, they scan and read the highlighted or the most important text on page. Hence it is important to design landing pages with such a prospective.

  • Frame a Readable Structure

The first two paragraphs of your landing page content must have the most important information as visitors pay attention on the first paragraphs than anything else written on the page. To make it easier, use headings, subheadings, keep it scannable, bulleted and definitely it should be rich in keywords.

  • Be wise in Choosing Fonts

In the overall scheme of website design, font is the one thing that is often overlooked. But just like colors, the usage of fonts will be compelling for attention of visitors.

Now under this, it is again important to be careful. It is good to use more than one font as every font compete in gaining a site, but at the same time it is important to proceed with caution. All the fonts you are using should complement and not clash one another. This gives entire website a cohesive touch and fluent flow from one page to another.

The Capital Web Design is a great instance, as it appears a perfect version of the platform holding attention. The fonts are legible and most importantly every font works together. In simple words, if there is text on your website that you do not want your visitors to miss, it is important to keep it easy and readable.

  • Pick the Right Palette

Colors play a great role in engaging people with your website. Since there is no exact color palette, reflecting on the color psychology can be a great assistance in making out the response of visitors. The studies reveal how different colors provoke different emotions. These hues actually trigger the central nervous system, offering you all the reasons to make use of color schemes to your advantage.

Along with creating a gut reaction for visitors, color also has a critical role in branding your component. It multiplies your brand recognition directly upto 80%. Just pay a look at Capital Web Solutions, when you simply think of the brand, the simple, elegant and most attractive use of colors is the first thing that comes to your mind.

  • Keep things symmetrical

You may think about it or not, but you certainly like symmetry. However it’s a natural character that needs to be leveraged in the website design.

In actual, information is easier to understand when presented in a symmetrical and orderly manner while asymmetry plays a great role in diverting people.

  • Do not Miss on Quality Imagery

It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words. While a website’s success heavily depend on well-written copy, imagery too plays an extremely important role. A wonderfully designed website with astonishing imagery definitely leads to conversions and pitches the sales in the desired direction.

Additionally, no one has enough time to poke around a hideous website and spend hours. So in case you want a visitor to stick to your page and ultimately convert, make sure that your website is a pleasant place to be on. And yes! Do not forget the color triggers mentioned above as the same applies to imagery.

  • Set Right your CTA Button

When you are looking for conversions all in all, it is important that you make it easier for your people to call to action. Make your CTA button foolproof. And there are certain tweaks you can bring in execution to design a CTA button boosting conversions.

  1. It must look like clickable

  2. Prefer rectangular shape button with distinct borders, designed on white background.

  3. Make sure the color used is fascinating

  4. Test it before you launch

  5. Attach a precise CTA language to it

  6. Quit using common words like register, submit or download and keep it unique and lively on the other hand

  7. Create a sense of urgency with CTA language

With this, designing a landing page which perks up conversions is no daunting job. You just got to experiment with the website and landing page designs. And if you need some assistance in building a user conversion website for your business, Capital Web Solutions is one of the renowned web development companies in USA to shake hands with.

How Can Persuasive Website Design Increase Your Conversion Rate

How Can Persuasive Website Design Increase Your Conversion Rate?

When an individual creates a website, he expects his website to fulfill both user goals and business goals. An effective website design with great aesthetics and visual appeal can help you improve the website usability, increasing the percentage of users reaching these goals. Apart from the visual aspect, your website design must have a good user experience because the combination of both UX and visual appeal can make a persuasive website design. By persuasive design, we mean the design that beguiles users and forces them to buy your products or try out your services. In other words, converting a potential visitor into paying customers would result in increased conversion rates.

If we consider e commerce website, the conversion goal of an e-store can be anything from lead generation through free-trial sign ups, form filling and brochure download to direct sales from the website. No matter how beautiful your website design is, if it is not providing the right information to the users or if the users are facing any difficulty in accessing information, then its value will definitely decrease, resulting in its failure to accomplish the conversion goal.

Designers don’t consider them responsible for reduced conversion rate and sometimes don’t even bother how your website is performing. Designers must acknowledge the fact that the loop holes in their design could be one of the reasons that have reduced the conversion rate of a website. Awe-inspiring designs will not only steal the show for you but also you need to throw in some numbers and swank some conversions to see things turn in your favor. Being a designer, you have to prove them how your design features can make a difference for the company in terms of conversion rates.

Understanding The Conversion Funnel

The series of steps followed by your potential customers to complete conversion goals on your website is known as conversion funnel. This funnel is unique for every website, but there is a specific pattern that is commonly followed by every step. Let’s take an example of an e commerce website. The typical conversion funnel for this type of website will be like this:

  • Homepage

  • Check product Page

  • Add product to a cart

  • Checkout

  • Payment done

Let’s take another example of lead generation website, like pressure washing service providing website that is looking for customers for its different services. The conversion funnel for such a website will be like:

  • Homepage

  • View services in detail

  • Checkout prices

  • Book appointment

You can tweak in these funnels according to the need and even your customers can enter at any step of your conversion funnel through search engines or referrals. It is important that you should define this funnel in the Google Analytics to get the record of the website visitors and volume of traffic. It will also help you notice the number of drop-offs at each step of the conversion funnel. That’s why, it is rightly called as a “funnel”. When the visitors get closer to the final page of conversion, the number gets narrow down. You need to examine the analytics data to find the page where the maximum drop offs have been taking place.

You may find several marketing service providers who will claim to provide you a truckload of traffic. But being a website owner, you should not be concerned much about the traffic, you need this traffic to convert. Realistically, conversion of whole traffic into leads is not possible, but at least some of them must turn into loyal customers.

Factors Affecting Conversion Rate

There are so many things from content to images that must stand out in order to increase your conversion rate. The images you use and the content you write for your website are also part of the design, which has a profound impact on the conversion. Being a designer, you need to understand the psychology of your customers and there are certain things that you should keep in mind:

  • Color Palette: It cannot be denied that different color schemes appeal people differently living at diverse locations. So, it is important that you should choose the right colors keeping your business and target audience in mind.

  • Call To Action: While designing a website, it is important that you must include call to action buttons wherever possible as it sometimes compels people to do things when they are told, prompted or requested. But for this, you have to work cleverly.

  • A Memorable Business Identity: Your business name is your identity and your name is extremely important for the success of your business. It must be memorable and your domain should contain your business name. Before you finalize your business name, you should check your competitors or use business name generator to finalize the one that is appropriate as well available.

  • Communicate Through Images: Your customers might not have time or patience to read much. So, it would be better if you express your business idea through visuals as it is much easier for them to understand. If you really wish to convey your message through text information, then you must divide your content into small sections and use bold sub headings.

  • Clear Hierarchy: Most of the visitors don’t like complexity and avoid performing long processes. So, you need to be very clear while telling them what you expect them to do. Make sure that you introduce secondary things only after your primary objective is achieved. For example. Once your customer has checkout and done with the purchasing, then only you should ask them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter.

  • Mobile Friendliness: The most important thing that you cannot afford to compromise is mobile compatibility of your website. As people are using more and more mobile devices to do shopping, your website design should be mobile friendly and responsive. Avoid old-school, bulky and cluttered designs. Always go for mobile app for your business.

Apart from all these factors, there are some extra efforts that can still be performed to enhance conversion rates of your website. These include:

  • Shorten and Simplified Landing Pages

  • Utilize Social Clout

  • Optimize Each Website Page

  • Add Human Touch

  • Add User Generated Reviews and Ratings

  • Complete Website Security

At the end, it can be concluded that persuasive web design is a very critical topic, which needs to be handled with care. It is an art which cannot be implemented overnight. The above points will help your business to create the foundation for a conversion friendly website that can be made perfect over time with regular modifications and testing.

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