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How to design Landing page that boost the conversion ?

Let’s start with a very simple question. What’s the first thing that strikes when you stumble upon a horrible website? Well, majority will skip spending time on a website having gaudy design and tacky UX.

A landing page or website is one of the highly visual mediums and perfecting the design is a crucial thing. Even if your site has the most beautifully written or the compelling copy, no visitor would bother going through, if the page fails to retain attention. The landing page or simply your website is the visual version of your brand. And if you really wish to communicate the right thing for the potential conversions, you need to design it right.

Fortunately, landing pages have got the manipulating Power. And if your conversion rate leaves a lot to be desired, you can definitely fix the problem. All you need to do is follow the expert advice on design tactics from Capital Web Solutions, Web Development Company based in Lakewood and various other parts of USA.

  • Streamline your Design

To maintain the attention of visitors, flow is very important. Same goes with the website design. The entire website should flow from one page to another. And when your goal is to convert the visitors into consumers, you definitely need to make it easy for your people to do it.

With so many choices available, there is a tough competition for the business entrepreneurs to uphold the attention of visitors. And factual statements say, the more is the number of choices available, the longer it takes for the visitor to process. And under this condition, your website design should be so compelling that a visitor should not take much time in choosing yours.

  • Lesser the Choices, Higher the Conversions

Make sure that your website does not have a plenty of fields to fill. Just stick to the email addresses and names if possible. Because the more information you will ask for, more are the chances for visitors to skip.

  • Easy to Read Content on Website

No visitor bothers reading text thoroughly. Rather than reading word for word, they scan and read the highlighted or the most important text on page. Hence it is important to design landing pages with such a prospective.

  • Frame a Readable Structure

The first two paragraphs of your landing page content must have the most important information as visitors pay attention on the first paragraphs than anything else written on the page. To make it easier, use headings, subheadings, keep it scannable, bulleted and definitely it should be rich in keywords.

  • Be wise in Choosing Fonts

In the overall scheme of website design, font is the one thing that is often overlooked. But just like colors, the usage of fonts will be compelling for attention of visitors.

Now under this, it is again important to be careful. It is good to use more than one font as every font compete in gaining a site, but at the same time it is important to proceed with caution. All the fonts you are using should complement and not clash one another. This gives entire website a cohesive touch and fluent flow from one page to another.

The Capital Web Design is a great instance, as it appears a perfect version of the platform holding attention. The fonts are legible and most importantly every font works together. In simple words, if there is text on your website that you do not want your visitors to miss, it is important to keep it easy and readable.

  • Pick the Right Palette

Colors play a great role in engaging people with your website. Since there is no exact color palette, reflecting on the color psychology can be a great assistance in making out the response of visitors. The studies reveal how different colors provoke different emotions. These hues actually trigger the central nervous system, offering you all the reasons to make use of color schemes to your advantage.

Along with creating a gut reaction for visitors, color also has a critical role in branding your component. It multiplies your brand recognition directly upto 80%. Just pay a look at Capital Web Solutions, when you simply think of the brand, the simple, elegant and most attractive use of colors is the first thing that comes to your mind.

  • Keep things symmetrical

You may think about it or not, but you certainly like symmetry. However it’s a natural character that needs to be leveraged in the website design.

In actual, information is easier to understand when presented in a symmetrical and orderly manner while asymmetry plays a great role in diverting people.

  • Do not Miss on Quality Imagery

It is true that a picture speaks a thousand words. While a website’s success heavily depend on well-written copy, imagery too plays an extremely important role. A wonderfully designed website with astonishing imagery definitely leads to conversions and pitches the sales in the desired direction.

Additionally, no one has enough time to poke around a hideous website and spend hours. So in case you want a visitor to stick to your page and ultimately convert, make sure that your website is a pleasant place to be on. And yes! Do not forget the color triggers mentioned above as the same applies to imagery.

  • Set Right your CTA Button

When you are looking for conversions all in all, it is important that you make it easier for your people to call to action. Make your CTA button foolproof. And there are certain tweaks you can bring in execution to design a CTA button boosting conversions.

  1. It must look like clickable

  2. Prefer rectangular shape button with distinct borders, designed on white background.

  3. Make sure the color used is fascinating

  4. Test it before you launch

  5. Attach a precise CTA language to it

  6. Quit using common words like register, submit or download and keep it unique and lively on the other hand

  7. Create a sense of urgency with CTA language

With this, designing a landing page which perks up conversions is no daunting job. You just got to experiment with the website and landing page designs. And if you need some assistance in building a user conversion website for your business, Capital Web Solutions is one of the renowned web development companies in USA to shake hands with.